Osborne House Wedding Venue | Palace by the sea! | The Isle of Wight

We visited Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, Queen Victoria's Palace by the sea and wanted to share some of our photographs of this stunning wedding venue with you! No other venue can offer such decadence and your own private beach!

Osborne House, The Isle of Wight



"This extensive estate has an exquisitely furnished house and terraced gardens with panoramic views leading down to its own private beach on the Solent.



Osborne House Gardens


The House was built in 1845 for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as a country retreat. The Royal couple escaped to Osborne regularly and were there on 24 May each year to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and almost always for the Prince’s birthday on 26 August.




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After Prince Albert’s untimely death in 1861, the distraught Queen retreated to Osborne for several months, but thereafter avoided being there on these poignant dates. Nonetheless, the Queen spent much of the year at Osborne up to her death in 1901." If you are planning your wedding here we would love to hear from you!

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